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What is happyness?

Posted on: March 27, 2008

Is it falling in love? Is it getting married?

Is it having lots of money and material things?

Is it a clean bill of health? Is it being a size 2?

Is it the springtime? Is it Christmas?

Happyness means a lot of different things for different people. For me, it means my closest friends. It means my family. It means my matriculation in college. It means my senior year of high school. It means sitting on the edge of the Grand Canal in Venice. It means sitting on the beach in Puerto Rico. It means riding in my car with the windows down and the sunroof open. It means a good mix cd. It means a great concert. It’s Mrs. Palmer’s cookies. It’s Strawberries & Cream from CakeLove. It’s hip-hop.

It’s all the people who matter to me — Mom, Tom, Decatur, B. Lanier, Lo’Chelle, Malachi, Sash, Cris, DJ, KRF, Malayia, Tandi, Hope, Paul, Nichelle, Ike’s Tina, my girls from high school, Erika Kane, Babs, Shanel, Lawrence, my St. Luke’s fam, Samilia, Thay, LeeVon, DW, The King of Jonesboro, DRyCuba, Cee, Joy, Trish, Fatimah, Pat, Barb, Jakey…and the list goes on.

It’s a feeling. It’s a color. It’s peace of mind. It’s unconditional love. It’s pure joy. It’s smiles and tears. It’s more than I can put into words. It’s a good time. It’s the Beautiful at 4am. It’s laughter. It’s feeling appreciated. It’s a compliment. It’s a phone call from a friend on a bad day.

For me, it’s all that and more…what does happyness mean to you?


4 Responses to "What is happyness?"

First off I love you definition of happiness:-) Whats mine?

Waking up and seeing there is no school. Sitting in my room listening to music while reading and writing. laughing for no reason. Shopping when i dont have to worry about how much I’m spending. My family when we all get along. My car sitting in the driveway lol.

I could go on forever. Thanks for making me think about the positive:-)

*I meant love your * of happiness lol

A great meal with friends.
Slipping into crisp sheets after after a hot shower.
70 degrees, sunny, sunroof open and my favorite song on the radio.
Finding a wad of cash in a coat pocket.
Wearing something new and having someone notice.
Game night with my family.

I think happiness is all the little things that keep us going, the little things that makes us able to love. The glue of life!
In my life happiness is being able to hang out with my friends, listening to music, writing and of course shopping! 🙂

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