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What would you do…

Posted on: March 31, 2008

…if you won the lottery?

I just had a conversation with my coworker about the $135 Million jackpot for tomorrow night’s MegaMillions and we were discussing what we would do with the winnings.

ME? Honestly, I’d still work for a week following my winning. I know it’s crazy, but I would. I like my coworkers, plus it would give me a chance to get things in order. I would get another cell phone (a world phone) that only a select few people would have the number to. I’d put the money in a blind trust — I don’t want any new “relatives” finding out I came into some new money…lol. I’d take care of my mom, so she wouldn’t have to think about money ever again. I’d donate money to my alma mater and my high school. I’d put money into trust funds for my 6 favorite kids. I’d probably spend a year just traveling the world. I would donate to a few charities. And of course I’d go to culinary school. There’s a few other things I’d do, but that’s a good start…


5 Responses to "What would you do…"

WHEN I win the lottery I shall quietly go to the plantation, delete all personal files from the computer, grab my isht and bounce. Never to be heard from again.

I won’t go all crazy with the money, but I will live a very comfortable, glamorous life. My mom will cease working immediately and we will take off on a world tour.

1/2 In a High Yield Saving Account. 1/8 in a Money Market account. 1/8 Invested

With the remaining 1/4:

Hmm. When I win the lottery, I will pay for the rest of my college education, pay off my accumulated student loans, Buy a house here in Baltimore and one down in Broward County, FL (Vacation Home). Have my mother quit her job and move her down to FL. Put my neices and nephews through college. Hire a personal trainer. Go on a Month long vacation travelling the world.

Pay off my family’s debt so we can all be in the black. I don’t think we’d even know how to act.
I’d hire my old boss’ husband to be my money man, open a few franchise restaurants, travel, establish scholarships at my high school, get some box seats at a few arenas and stadiums, hire my girl to decorate my new crib, get a bomb a$$ personal trainer (and gym), buy a Mini Cooper (lol!) and…basically do whatever the hell I wanted to do!

The fact that clothes and shoes were the first things that popped into my head are probably the reasons I am always broke…*sigh*

BOY! if i ever win the lotto,quit my job with the quickness! i’mma buy me a Audi (not sure which one yet) travel for a year..give certain family members some $$ and then invest in my own business and invest the rest. Oh that sounds so nice…*goes off into daydreamland*

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