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Posted on: April 8, 2008

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YORK, Pennsylvania (AP) — A 2-year-old girl died after being beaten with a video game controller by her mother’s boyfriend, and new charges are expected, police said Tuesday.

Darisabel Baez died Monday. Her mother’s boyfriend said he beat the 2-year-old but didn’t explain why, police said.Through police, family members declined requests for interviews Tuesday. Court officials said they did not know whether Johnson and Baez had lawyers to speak for them.

Darisabel Baez was pronounced dead late Monday at Hershey Medical Center, police Lt. Ron Camacho said.

The girl’s mother, Neida E. Baez, 19, called for an ambulance Sunday, saying her boyfriend, Harve L. Johnson, had brought the unconscious child to her, limp and wet from an attempt to revive her in a bathtub, a police affidavit said.

Johnson acknowledged beating the girl with a video game controller but did not say why, police said. Baez said Johnson had abused the girl in the past and said she heard the girl scream after Johnson beat her Sunday, according to the affidavit.

Johnson, 26, was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and other counts.

Baez was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Detective Dana Ward said Baez was charged because she did not intervene or try to get help for Darisabel.

Camacho said that because of the girl’s death, new charges would be filed.

Johnson and Baez remained in custody Tuesday. His bail was set at $200,000; hers was $25,000.

Ok, what the hell is going on with people these days.  I’ve seen more random stories of child abuse in the last month.  I can’t imagine a little girl acting so bad that you have to beat her to death with a game controller.  What kind of man are you?  Wait, you aren’t a man, you ain’t shit in my eyes.  I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life.


3 Responses to "WTF???"

I already wrote a while ago that child abusers should do the world a favor and hang themselves. The mother is a sad excuse of one too. That ain’t the first time he hit her child.
You best believe if I thought someone was abusing my child, after he picked his heart up, he have to get up out of here. Never a man over child.
Sadly, child abuse is on the rise.

I’m gettin so tired of hearing stories like this. You know the common deminator in all these stories is a man(boyfriend or father of the child) is the reason behind the death of the child. Women in general need to choose better mates and be more careful of who we allow around our children. You just dont know how upset this makes me…

Sharon — I remember reading that on your blog. Yeah, the mother needs some jail time too. I feel the same way — NEVER a man over child.

a.tiara — I have an inkling of how upset it makes you, because I felt the same way when I came across the story. It’s absolutely crazy, some of the stories of child abuse that are coming out nowadays. And even crazier to think about all the stories that we don’t hear about…

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