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Posted on: April 9, 2008

There’s something about the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you stand, the way you are. I can’t put my finger on that one thing that is so…so YOU. You have a way about you, it’s not forced, hell, you might not even know what I’m talking about. That’s how natural IT is to you.

I’ll tell you what it is. You’ve got a SWAGGER. You aren’t trying too hard, like some. You aren’t trying to be like anyone else, like some. Matter of fact, I don’t think TRY is in your vocabulary. You don’t try to keep up with the Jones’…the Jones’ are trying to keep up with you.

Your SWAGGER is unlike anything I’ve seen. I’ve been told that I have a SWAGGER, and it took me a while to figure out what people were talking about. Then I saw you. It all made sense to me. Not to sound corny, but it’s this air about you, an aura.  You may not be the finest thing around, but your SWAG makes you irresistible.  People are attracted to IT, I know I am.  People want to hang around you in hopes that IT will rub off on them, not a chance.  Your shit can’t be duplicated.  They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but, in my opinion, imitation is an insult to you — any attempts look bootleg.

I guess I’ve said all this to say…I just love your SWAGGER

This isn’t directed to anyone in particular.  It’s more of a dedication to anyone with a swagger, those that I know and those who I’ve seen on the street, in the mall or at a party.


3 Responses to "Swagger"

my swagger sucks. I need to work on it.

I love the swagger, the strut, the attitude, all of it!

swag is the reason why B is with Jay! Confidence in a man that makes his own way is sooo hot! lol

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