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Weekend Update

Posted on: April 14, 2008

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty darn good. Like most weekends, I don’t really make plans to do anything, I just go with the flow and see what my friends are up to. Friday afternoon, I got a call from Cris and she said that she and her boyfriend was going to MJQ. I’m not a fan of being the 3rd wheel but I was down to go, since every other time I’ve attempted to go there something comes up and never went. Also, I love going out with Cris because she’s all about having a good time. It was a blast, though I feel like I may have caught lung cancer because of all of the people smoking in the area where we were dancing. (I know you can’t “catch” lung cancer, but you weren’t around all the smoke…if you could smoke it, I think it was being smoked near us! lol)

I didn’t have anything planned for Saturday, so the fact that I ended up being busy all day was a shocker. Saturday afternoon Cris called to see if I wanted to hang out with her and her son Lil Dave. I love that little boy, and haven’t babysat him in a while so I couldn’t wait to see him. We went to The Container Store (one of my favorite stores in the world!), IKEA, and then to lunch at Californina Pizza Kitchen.

After dropping Cris and Dave back home, I called my boy Decatur to see what he was up to since I was closer to his side of town. Since he was just at the house chillin’ I decided to stop by and hang out. It just so happened that when I got to his house, his roommate Del was just getting back home. After hanging out for a while, we decided to go out for a while. We ended up going to House in the Underground at 1am. We get to House, bypass the long line and walk right in (gotta love knowing the right people!) We left House around 2:45am, but me and Decatur decided that we should check out this after-hours spot that wasn’t far from their house. First of all, I was glad that I was with two guys, this place was right off the highway, next door to a rundown (maybe even abandoned) motel. Not the place I’d want to be as a female, either by myself or with one of my homegirls in the middle of the night…can we say a horror movie waiting to happen?!? There were 10 people there, and they were the most bootleg people I’ve ever seen…needless to say we didn’t stay long! (Though after much discussion, me and Decatur think that it might get poppin’ around 5 or 6…but we weren’t trying to find out if our theory was true. LOL) When we got back to Decatur’s house, Del fell asleep within 5 minutes of sitting on the sofa. Me and Decatur on the other hand, we both still wide awake. We ended up having a great conversation until almost 6am, when both of us fell asleep mid-comment! (Damn that sofa and the bean bag for being so frappin’ comfy!)

Sunday morning, we both woke up after only 3 solid hours of sleep around 9:45am. We continued the convo and then I left around 11:30-11:45. I had to get home to get ready to go see Antwan “Big Boi” Patton and the Atlanta Ballet’s “big.”

When I first heard about the collaboration between Big Boi and the Atlanta Ballet, I was intrigued. I decided that I was going to go to a performance, even if it was by myself. Overall, the performance was great. It was such a contrast between the classic ballet moves and the classic Outkast tracks. Big Boi performed “Morris Brown,” “Southernplayalisticadillackmuzik,” “Player’s Ball,” “Elevators,” “Bombs over Baghdad,” “Church,” “I Can’t Wait” with Sleepy Brown, “Rooster,” “Liberation,” “Kryptonite,” and a new song “Sir Luscious Leftfoot.” Janelle Monáe came out and performed “Sincerely Jane” — she was WONDERFUL! Other special guests in addition to Sleep Brown and Janelle Monáe included Scar, Joi Gilliam, Big Rube, Keisha Jackson, C-Bone, Rock D, Khujo Goodie, Kameron Davis, and Sam Christian.

As much as I and others love the performance, there were some critics. I was reading a review where someone was talking about the dancers’ lack of precision. And I agree there were moments when a few people could have been tighter on the choreography, but it wasn’t so loose to the point that it took away from a piece. Then there was the family that was sitting next to me. One of the daughters apparently studies dance with some of the members of the Atlanta Ballet and she was unimpressed that there wasn’t more fusion of hip hop and ballet. Personally, I liked the fact that it was classic ballet. I think I wouldn’t have been as impressed if the company members had attempted to bring hip hop dance into the mix. But that’s just my opinion. I really wish that the production ran longer or it was in more cities because I think a lot of people would’ve enjoyed seeing the performance.

Kudos to Big Boi, Lauri Stallings (the choreographer) and the Atlanta Ballet for a job well done!


3 Responses to "Weekend Update"

I went on Saturday. Loved it!! When Janelle busted out the moonwalk across the stage we went crazy! Me and my homie went to Bazaar after the show and hit the hooka hard with some random Bosnians while eating guacamole. Crazy night.
Never been to House. Gonna have to check it out.

Sounds like you had a really busy weekend. I love it when you have no plans and then you end up having a great time:-)

Awww…I wish they had stuff like that in Baltimore. Big Boi and ballet dancers. i cant really imagine that lol sounds like it was really good. Janelle Monae! Got to love her lol

That performance sounds AWESOME. I’m tres jealous

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