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No wonder I’m tired!

Posted on: April 21, 2008

Wow, so I feel like I haven’t slowed down enough to think in the last few days! I had no idea that I’d so busy and get so little sleep, but it was all worth it.

Thursday night, me and my homegirl Jay went to Sugarhill to see Estelle.

(Be sure to get her album on April 29th!) Her concert was hosted by John Legend AND he even performed two songs with her, including a wonderful version of Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It” (one of my favorites.)

After the show, I went home and ended up talking on the phone with Decatur until 2:30am…needless to say, that was not a good idea since I get to work at 7am! I was struggling all day Friday. And then my homegirl DRyCuba called me asking me to work for her at Noir Lounge (SHAMELESS PLUG: If you are in Atlanta, check out 4Play Fridays at Noir Lounge. Free admission all night. Live band from 8pm to 11pm, DJ from 11pm to 3am) I finished up at Noir around 2:30am and since I had to meet the ladies of USD.A on Saturday morning at Camp Creek Marketplace, I decided to stay at Decatur’s house since it’s right down the street…that way I could sleep until the last possible minute before I had to get up and get ready. So as I’m walking back to my car, it started to drizzle. When I get to my car (that was parked in the driveway at my friend’s hair salon), I find a BMW parked illegally behind it. BASTARD! So now I have to go into the studio next to the salon and track down the owner of this POS vehicle! (To make a long story short, I pretty much went off on the people in the middle of a recording session, but at that point I didn’t give a damn!) I finally get to Decatur’s house, and what do we do? End up having a deep ass conversation until 6:30am! WTF??!!?!

My alarm went off WAY too early the next morning, but I was excited about the USD.A outing. Babs and I met KKAvenue and Cathy at the shopping center to carpool to Fairburn and meet Keyalus. The ladies and I had a blast at the Renaissance Festival! Check out the pictures:

[rockyou id=110528096&w=450&h=338]

After the Renaissance Festival, I was able to run home and catch a quick nap before heading to House Nightclub to work for DRyCuba again (Another SHAMELESS PLUG: Prophecy Events, Status Inc. and Flamingo Black present High Society Saturdays at House Nightclub in the Atlanta Underground!) I got home around 3:30am, and was up again at 10am Sunday. I spent the afternoon at Perimeter Mall with DRyCuba, but soon realized that I was still pretty tired because I got weak…the only thing that would cure me was a Glazin’ Raisin pretzel and a long nap!

I only have a couple of days to recharge because Friday morning I head home to DC for another busy weekend and my 10 year high school reunion…EEK!

OMG…I can’t believe I forgot to mention that there was a celebrity sighting at the Renaissance Festival!

I now present Lord Flavor Flav! LMAO


6 Responses to "No wonder I’m tired!"

I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Stacey Derbinshire

Nice pics… looks like you had an eventful weekend… I will be in ATL in a couple weeks and I cant wait!

You are a busy bee! Seems like you get your rest during the week rather than on the weekends.

I sooo wanted to check out the Estelle concert – her song “Just a Touch,” is in heavy rotation in my car, and I respect that she is about her business!

Sorry I missed out on the USD.A event 😦 But definitely keep me in the loop – I want to meet ya.


Wait a sec….was that a turkey leg?

Eb — As long as the weather is good when you come down here, you should have a blast!

K.I.M — Recently it seems that way…but for the most part I’ve been laying low on the weekends. I think it’s because the weather’s getting warmer, so there’s a lot more going on.

Yeah the concert was great, you have to be get her album when it drops on the 29th!

brran1 — Yes, that was a turkey leg! And it was DELISH! Though we all felt a little barbaric walking around munching on a big ass turkey leg LMAO

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