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You look FABULOUS!

Posted on: April 29, 2008

It’s been a crazy last few days for me. Pretty nonstop, so I haven’t been able to sit down and catch up on my blogging. I’ve just been posting crazy stories from around the world. Since my weekend was so busy and chock-full of entertainment, I’m just getting a chance to do a recap.


First thing Friday morning, I flew home to D.C. for my 10 year high school reunion. (I was kinda unimpressed because my mom was in Puerto Rico all last week and didn’t even think about the fact that I was flying in Friday morning and she wasn’t flying back until Friday night…but I digress.) I pretty much had the whole day to twirl around my homecity, so I started off by going up to my high school to visit my friend and former art teacher. She’s one of my favorites and I usually try to stop by her house to see her and the fam whenever I come home. I spent a couple of hours with her chatting about life and her students before I had to go meet my church buddy LAW for lunch. It’s so cute when I see him because he always feels so privileged that I took the time out to hang out with him…he just turned 21 recently and before then I always told him that I don’t usually hang out with people under 21 because somehow their antics always get me into trouble. I’ve always made exceptions for him, but this time was the first time we went to lunch one-on-one. I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming. He’s taking some time off from school right now, but I’m glad that he’s not getting into the shenanigans that the other fools from church are getting into. (BTW I found out more than I really needed to about those hooligans during our lunch! Praise the Lord for LAW and his siblings staying out of the drama!)

After lunch, I ended up going to my mom’s house to take a nice long nap. I had to pick up Lo’Nique and Malachi at the airport at 12:30am, so I wanted to be sure that I was awake for it. (Just an FYI, Reagan National Airport is a scary place at 1 in the morning.) It was sooooo good to see my Lo’Nique and Malachi. I hadn’t seen them since Christmas 2006 and Malachi has gotten so big since then!


Saturday was pretty nonstop for me. I was up at 8am to go to visit the culinary school that I’m applying to. I’m in LOVE with that place! I can so see myself in the uniform, working my ass off…it’s definitely going to be a challenge but it’s one that I’m ready and willing to take on. On my way home from the school, I got a call from my “little brother” Billy. He happened to be near my mom’s house and was trying to stop by and visit. I haven’t seen him in a good 3 years, so when I pulled up to my mom’s house and he got out of his Audi TT Roadster with a full beard lookin’ all grown man and what not, I bout fell out! What am I supposed to do with that? I know everyone grows up, and people are probably saying the same thing about me, but he’ll always be that skinny kid that used to tag around with me and my friends wherever we went. *Sigh* Anyhoo, I chatted with him for a bit while Lo’Nique got Malachi ready to take to Grandma’s luncheon. After we dropped Malachi off, we headed to lunch with my friend Kelly. It’s always great to get together with girlfriends, who may not have each other for the first time, but at the end seem to have known each other forever! After lunch we stopped by Cakelove for some cupcakes (yes, that was a little fat of us, but I can’t resist Cakelove!) By this time, we needed to head back to mom’s house to prep for the reunion cocktail party at my high school.

Me, Lo’Nique and Ike’s Tina were looking FAB! For real, we stepped it up and EVERYONE commented on it! Not that everyone else was looking a mess, but there were a few ladies who had either gained a bunch of weight or just looked a little haggard. After the cocktail party (which was in the school gym — very high school dance!) we decided it was too early to end the night, so we headed to Avenue for a party that my people were throwing. Things started off a little slow, but once our homeboy “Jumanji” showed up, the party got started and didn’t end until the lights in the club came on at 3am!


After not getting home until 3:30am, my mom didn’t think that I’d be making any kind of movement before noon. Instead, in true Lboogie fashion, I was up early getting ready for church. I dropped Lo’Nique off at her Grandma’s house, chatted for a bit, then made my way to church. After church, me, mom, LAW and his siblings and Billy went to Sunday brunch. (A good Sunday brunch buffet always makes me happy, and this one did not disappoint!) The food and the conversation was great. It was just enough food to give me energy to get home and take a nap before mom and I headed to dinner to meet my godfather.

Dinner with my godfather is always fun, plus he always brings me presents! (YIPPEE!) I flew back to Atlanta first thing Monday morning and headed straight to work. I fly the first flight on Monday mornings all the time, and after every one I wonder what in the hell was I thinking!?!? I crashed as soon as I got home Monday afternoon — I didn’t even have the energy to take my suitcase out of the car until Tuesday!

All in all I had a great weekend and I got to see so many people that I hadn’t seen in YEARS, both from my high school class and other.


2 Responses to "You look FABULOUS!"

sounds like you had a great weekend. Weekends with family and friends are the best:-)

Im glad your highschool reunion went well:-) Im scared for what mine will be like…I already know a coupla of people went from bad to worse but thats life i guess lol

Your high school reunion was a cocktail party in the gym??? You flew home for that???

Now I know why I skip those things. That and the fact that I hated those bastids.

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