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The Summer Movie Season has officially begun!

Posted on: May 2, 2008

Last night, I went to go see Iron Man (great movie BTW) and they showed a bunch of previews that really have me excited for the Summer Movie Season! Here are the ones that I’m looking forward to:

May 2

Go see it! NOW!

I love a good chick flick, and this looks funny enough to not be too sappy and depressing for me! LOL

May 9

I don’t even have words — I love when a cartoon or show from my childhood gets remade. I just hope that it’s not too computer-y.

May 22

I.LOVE.INDIANA.JONES. And Shia Lebouf is kinda hot…lol.

June 6

The previews look funny as hell and I think Adam Sandler is pretty damn hi-larious!

June 13

I know there was an Incredible Hulk remake a few years ago, but I didn’t want to see it. The Hulk was a cartoon or computer generated which made him look extra fake. After seeing the previews, I can say it looks like they have done a great job of making the Hulk look realistic when he “goes green.”

June 20

It’s Mike Myers in costume. What more do I have to say?

July 2

Another 4th of July weekend blockbuster. I don’t think Will will disappoint us. After all, he’s got a pretty good track record with holiday weekend bangers…

July 18

It’s Heath Ledger’s last movie. As much as I loved Jack Nicholson as the Joker, I’m interested to see how Heath does. Just from the previews, I can tell the Joker’s more psychotic in The Dark Knight and Heath scared me a tad bit in one of the scenes.

Other movies of note:

I didn’t see the first Hellboy, but after seeing the preview for part 2 I think I’m going to have to rent it to catch up to the story.

I absolutely loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I think I watch it every time it comes on TV.

I can’t lie — I don’t even know what Step Brothers is about. LOL But how can you go wrong with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly? Did you not see Talledega Nights? That has to be one of my favorite movies!

The Happening looks like it could be an interesting movie.

I know what you’re thinking — I don’t have Sex and the City up there. No, I didn’t forget it. Honestly I didn’t really watch the show, so I’m not so super excited about going to see the movie. But it comes out May 30th. Anyhoo, there are a bunch of other films coming out in the next 3 months, but these are the ones I can’t wait to see.


7 Responses to "The Summer Movie Season has officially begun!"

I am actually excited this year about the movies coming out!!!!

Thanks for telling us the dates for the movies and stuff! I always lose track of them lol. I really can’t wait to see Hancock! The movie trailer for it was hilarious lol

-Shia is kinda hot!
-I haven’t seen a preview for Stepbrothers, but the poster just looks so funny! Definitely gonna see it!
-I was wondering why you didn’t have Sex & The City up! I loved that show, & I’m so excited about the movie!

Saw Iron Man. Enjoyed it. Got my summer movie list going too.

Hmm. Someone told me Iron Man was BS. Guess I’ll have to check that out for myself.

Iron Man was so good and I’m not even big on those types of movies.

I had mixed feelings about SATC but now I’m looking forward to seeing it in the theater. I’ll wait for pay-per-view for some of the others.

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