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Do you believe in shooting stars?

Posted on: May 5, 2008

Apparently I do. And so do about 13,000 metro Atlantans. Last night, I went to the Atlanta stop on the Glow in The Dark Tour. I took my fresh-21 year old friend Alejandro. (He was super excited because it was his first concert and he’s from Chicago just like Lupe and Kanye!)

It wasn’t my first time seeing Kanye West or Lupe Fiasco in concert, but it was my first time seeing Kanye, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D. all in one night. All I can say is the show was high-energy from start to finish (though I totally missed Rihanna’s set — I was talking with my homeboy Del outside AND I could’ve done without her on the tour anyways…) To my surprise, the show started on time, early even. Lupe Fiasco opened up the show and killed it! He definitely started the night off with a bang. Next was N.E.R.D. — I LOVE them and I’ve never seen them in concert before. To my surprise and delight, right in the middle of “Rockstar” they brought a crew of guys out on stage to wild out…and who was the first guy that I noticed??? None other than my #1 HYT — CHRIS BROWN!!!!! 😀 I turned into a groupie for a moment, like in retrospect I should’ve been a tainch embarrassed…dah well! (But CB’s appearance pretty much confirms that he and Rihanna are a couple, why else would he just be backstage?!?!)

Like I said I totally missed Rihanna’s set, but I feel like it was rather short because me and Del started talking when she first came on stage, then all of a sudden we looked up and she was done. It was time to go back in the arena to get ready for Kanye, when me and Alejandro heard a bunch of screaming. Who do we see? First, we saw Quincy Jones and Mary J. Blige. More pandemonium ensues — for Chris Brown 😀 and Bow Wow and Omarion who are walking through the crowd to get to the VIP section to watch Kanye’s performance. As we start scanning the crowd, we also notice Jermaine Dupri, Cee-Lo and Dallas Austin.

Kanye came out and killed it! Even though Kanye is an egotistical divo, you can’t knock the brotha’s talent. It was just him on the stage for about an hour and a half…that is until Lupe came out to perform “Touch the Sky” and bust his ASS! (I really tried not to laugh, but it was just too funny because I heard him hit the floor and he just kinda laid there for a hot minute. But he got right back on up and kept going, so kudos to you Lupe for acting like nothing happened!) All in all it was a GREAT show, and well worth the drive to the Gwinnett Arena especially because there wasn’t a bad seat in the house! If the Glow in The Dark Tour comes to your city, please try to get some tickets to check the show…besides you never know who will be in the crowd!


3 Responses to "Do you believe in shooting stars?"

Kanye is an egotistical divo, you can’t knock the brotha’s talent.

Totally agree. Lupe fell??? Hahahaha

I would’ve loved to see this show.

Hey send me an email! I’m finally doing the thing you tagged me for 🙂

I’m soooo jealous! The show was sold out here:-(. Lupe killed it when he came here! I’m soo in love with his nerdy swag lol. Chris Brown is sooo hot to be like 18/19 OMG! Rihanna better watch out. glad you fun girl:-)

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