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Be Secure with Yo Sh!t.

Posted on: May 19, 2008

I know that may seem harsh, but it’s real talk.

If you’re gonna be an asshole, keep the asshole going and be the best asshole around! Don’t be an asshole, and then apologize for some asshole shit you may say because you are worried about offending someone.

Dammit, that’s what assholes do — they offend muhfukkas!

At the same time, if you’re gonna be a hoe and do hoe shit, accept your hoe-ness! Don’t do some hoe-activity and then come back from said activity and hang your head in shame. You better be THAT hoe and be confident in the hoe shit you just did! Like “I’m the mutha fukkin’ hoe!” Aim to be the best hoe EVER!

You knew you were about to do some hoe shit, before you did it. And there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you are confident about yours.

Don’t think I’m gonna judge you for your asshole or hoe ways…for one I don’t judge, I just feel the need to state the obvious sometimes. That being said, if I’m your friend (and I mean your real friend) I know that you’re an asshole, I know that you’re a hoe and I accept you as such! However if you ask my opinion on some shit, I’m gonna give you my opinion — raw and uncut!

This applies to so many types of people, not just assholes and hoes…but whoever you choose to be in life, you have to be convinced that you are the best at it. If you don’t believe it, no one else will!


5 Responses to "Be Secure with Yo Sh!t."

That’s real talk.

Take pride in your hoe-listic ways. Be an ass. If you stank, be stank 24/7. Don’t half step.

LOL i feel you on this. Do what you do but dont be ashamed of it if its who you are.

LOL. Countess, you are so funny!

Tru dat. If you gonna be a sum’bitch, BE that sum’bitch!

alwaysfunkyfresh — my point EXACTLY.

a.tiara — I know I was sounding a little crazy, but it’s so true. You can’t be ashamed if that’s what (and who) you do! LOL

Babs — LMAO not a sum’bitch! I.WAS.NOT.READY.

Amen Katt Williams!

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