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Posted on: May 30, 2008

So it’s 3:17am and I’m just getting home.

It was my homegirl Paula’s birthday and she went to Twisted Taco and then to Sutra Lounge. It had been a long time since I’d seen her, so I decided to join her and her people. I’ll admit that I was a little nervous to hang out with some of the ladies that I used to be really close with, but that’s no longer the case. Luckily, for the majority of the ladies it felt just like old times.

Here’s where the Fabulosity comes in…

I’m big on fragrances (read: I like to smell good, especially when I go out somewhere.) I had recently run out of Dolce and Gabbana’s The One and I wanted to change my signature fragrance up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t decide between Sean John’s Unforgivable Woman and Kimora Lee Simmons’ Fabulosity, so I purchased both. Tonight I decided that I’d wear Fabulosity because, I’ll admit, I was actually feeling quite fab and was in a relatively good mood. I get to Twisted Taco around 10:30 and as I was getting my ID out, the two white guys at the door started hitting on me. (This should’ve been sign #1 that this was going to be an interesting night!) One guy was admiring my glasses and the other asked what scent I was wearing. I replied “Fabulosity” and he caressed my arm as I walked by and said “that you are!” I laughed the whole way upstairs to where the ladies were sitting. The ladies has signed up to do a couple of rounds of karaoke, which is always pure comedy especially when there are drinks involved!

After everyone paid their tabs, we headed to Sutra…but not before I took a picture of the birthday girl and some of her friends that were heading home. Somehow, Mr. Caressing White Guy found a way to walk by me and caress my back.

Once we get in Sutra, the Fabulosity kicked in once again…only this time, it was a group of 3 guys from Detroit who wanted me to “show all of them a good time.” I.think.not. One dude Funky Red would NOT leave me alone! He felt it necessary to try to get me to dance and when I resisted he insisted on giving me lap dances ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Finally after about an hour, he found a white girl who was ready to twerk for him. (Viva La White Girl! LMAO) Then his boy Moneybags decided he wanted to holla at a sista and wanted me to “show him a good time” as well. But I had to decline, for many reasons, but the main one was he came up to my armpit and was a little smelly like his boy Funky Red. The final Detroit Playa was Jersey (because he had on a Pistons’ jersey.) This dude was hi-larious! He was like “I only have 2 dance moves — the two-step and the snake” LMAO We were clownin’ and then he asked me “what perfume do you have on?” Once again I said “Fabulosity” and he replied “that’s sexxy. It’s you, it fits your swagger.” Word Jersey? I love it when people recognize my natural swagger!

As the lights came on in Sutra around 2:30am, I thought I was safe from Funky Red. But alas, I was wrong. (DOH!) Funky Red found me as we were walking out and proceeded to ask for my number so he could call me on his way back to his hotel so he “could make the night memorable for me.” Thanks, but no thanks. The night is memorable enough as it is, I don’t need yo funky ass tryin’ to give me “the business” any more than you already did during the 15 lapdances you gave me!

Damn you Kimora Lee Simmons and your smell-goods! Argh!


2 Responses to "Fabulosity"

*Wavin* Hey! Found you through 20something Bloggers.

I’ve been to Sutra and based on my experience and stories I’ve heard from others I’m beginning to think that’s where all the short, no game, slightly funky, out of town men go to hang out.

My fave scent is a throwback (Lolita Lempicka) and I’ve realized you have to be very careful where you wear that stuff. All types of crazies have been known to get up the gumption to approach you.

Lap dance??? Wow – that is pretty bad.

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