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+”black people” +”spit” +”sidewalk”-“face”???? Really?


I’m confused by Plies and his “hood accent” that disappears during interviews…you’re not sounding like much of a goon now, Algernod…(that’s Plies in the white hat, in case you couldn’t tell)


I’m so happy for my favorite couple, Karl and Christina…they are FINALLY engaged! 🙂


Why the hell were those 4 white guys walking around Little 5 Points yesterday afternoon looking like the were caught in an aluminum foil factory explosion?


“There was one thing I didn’t show, I love him and he doesn’t know…”


Man, I feel like I did WAY too much last night…I swear 2:30am came entirely too quickly. I guess that means we were having a good time with Tish and her crew. Praise the Lord for the guestroom at Decatur’s momma’s house!


I can’t believe I snapped like that while I was on the phone…I really didn’t mean for what I said, how I said it. I just blurted it out…but it DID make my point.


“This woman is growing weary of having to be so strong, of having to pretend I’m made of stone so I won’t end up with no broken bones. I can’t fight every battle alone…”


Going to work yesterday was totally pointless. A waste of gas even. I mean I’m not really complaining because I didn’t have to stay the entire day.


I really need to make some decisions soon. Time is ticking and I’m not…….

I got this from brran:

Here’s a music meme to reflect how eclectic your music collection might be.

Put your music library in alphabetical order by song, then take the first song for each letter of the alphabet. No repeat artists. Tag five people then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves.

A-Sided by Jesse Rose

B Boy Baby by Mutya Buena

C’Mere by Bilal

D.E.E.P. by Outkast

É Doce Morrer No Mar by Marisa Monte & Cesaria Evora

F*** U Pay Me by Sunny Valentine

G-Slide by Lil Mama

H! Vltg3 by Linkin Park

I (Mikey) Rock by The Cool Kids

J.O.D.D. by Trick Daddy feat. Khia & Tampa Tony

K.A.R. by Fat Joe

L.I.F.E. by Lil Mama

Ma Timz by Jahsir feat. Old Man

The N Word Song by Sha Stimuli

O Dot Allstars by Mick Boogie & Marco Polo

P Control by Prince

Quando Chove by Patricia Marx

R.A.G.U. by Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon

S.A.N.T.A.N.A. by The Diplomats

“T” Plays It Cool by Marvin Gaye

U & I by Emily King

V.I.P. by Bryan Lamontagne feat. Joe

W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. by Wale

X & Y by Coldplay

Y Vamos Ya by Sergio Mendes feat. Juanes

Zannalee by Prince

1 Day by Plies


Hmm…I’m only gonna tag 4 people: Eb, TaY, She Needs and Maxie

Last night, I hung out with Brran and Coop at Sugarhill for Tuesday Night Jam. TNJ is a weekly event, but this week was a special edition celebrating the release of Anthony David’s cd Acey Ducey and Hidden Beach Recordings’ Unwrapped Vol. 5: The Collipark Café Sessions. The evening started off (slowly) with a live broadcast on Classic Soul 102.5 (It started off so slow, that my homegirl Jay left early.) Anthony David performed a couple of tracks with his acoustic guitar for the radio audience, so at least Jay got some entertainment before she left.

Soon after the broadcast ended, the party got started. They had the BET Awards playing on the big screen but they had the sound off because DJ Salah Anase was spinnin’ the exclusive tracks to keep everyone hype. Around 11pm, the host Joi headed to the stage and did her version of The Eurhythmic’s “Sweet Dreams” — and killed it! That chick is so talented but so under-rated. She got the crowd warmed up, but the next performance set the roof on fiyah! (That sounded a little corny, but oh well…)

Mike Phillips and the Hidden Beach All Stars hit the stage to perform a few tracks of the new album. the did Plies and T-Pain’s “Shawty” (Mike Phillips even had the instrument to recreate the talk box effect!), Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction,” DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out,” and Hurricane Chris’ “Ay Bay Bay.” It was so cool to hear hip-hop tracks broken down in such a funky way. I have the first 3 volumes of Unwrapped, and will definitely have to pick up Volume 5.

After the Hidden Beach All-Stars did their thing, Anthony David came out to perform a few songs, this time with the house band. Killed it! I’m definitely going to have to get his album this weekend. Joi came back to the stage and did a couple more tracks, including Coop’s jam “Lick.” LMAO

The band took a break and Salah Anase switched to some old school jams that got the crowd movin’. That was pure entertainment because we started dancing at our table and “battling” these ladies at the table next to us…all while some drunk lady (who pulled up a chair at our table) offered us drinks, tried talking with us and kept leaving her coat in our care while she made her way through the crowd. During the break, I looked at the bar, and saw a woman in some skinny jeans, a fab bag and some boots working it…little did I know, that woman was a man! I told Coop to turn around to see what I was seeing, at first glance, she too thought it was a woman and turned back around. I said “look again” and she realized it was a man sashayin’ around the club in heels, skinny jeans and a purse. I think Brran was a little traumatized, but we made it our mission to get a picture of “her.” Only in Atlanta, will you see this:

I had a blast with the two of them, that is, until D’Maestro hit the stage. He was like a super-sized Cee-Lo Green. We were scared and when he “hit” that last high note, we decided it was time to leave. I can’t wait ’til the next time we hang!

Ok, so I didn’t really see the Awards in it’s entirety because I was out with Coop and Brran….BUT the awards were playing on the big screen, just with no sound.

2 performances had me and every other woman feeling a little hot and bothered…

Can I say I was NOT prepared for this performance from Chris Brown and Ciara??? You all know that CB has a little place in my “cougar” heart…but I.WAS.NOT.READY! (I love how they showed Rihanna and she did not look impressed…)

The other performance was the Al Green tribute with Maxwell!


Where has Maxwell been for the last 6 years of my life?!? I missed him and I’m hoping that his appearance means that he’s coming back to his adoring public soon! (I haven’t found a video clip of this performance yet…)

I will definitely catch the rerun of the awards show, and I’m sure to have more commentary by this weekend! If you saw the awards show, what did you think?

Here it is 3:00am and my ass should be sleep.

Unfortunately, I’m wide awake.

A lot has been running through my head and is causing me to lose precious sleep. From trying to make decisions on whether or not to move back home; to trying to get my finances in order; to feeling like I’m losing touch with friends that I was once close to…it’s putting me in a rather blah mood.

On one hand I want to go back home because I know that it would save me money, but on the other hand, I’m not sure it would protect my sanity. Though it’s taken some time to get to this point, overall I’m pretty content with things right now. Regardless of what some may think, Atlanta has been good to me, and is good to me. I’ve met some of my favorite people here and, in the last 2 years, I’ve had some of the best times of my life. I’ve been here for about 10 years and, yes I agree that it may be time for a change, I don’t think moving back home is the change I need. After all, it’s not technically a change because I’d just be going back to my second comfort zone.

Damn the state of the economy! It’s like you almost need a part-time job just to afford food and gas. It’s so depressing and I know it’s not just me feeling the pinch. My coworker and I talk about the economy and general money matters on a daily basis.

Every so often, I start feeling like I’m distant from friends.  Now is one of those times, well I take that back, I see Decatur all the time now and I’ve see Babs a lot too, but everyone else, I really only talk to them through email (or the occaisonal quick phone call.)  There are times when I feel like I don’t know certain people anymore because that’s how long it’s been since I’ve really seen/spoken to them.  It’s just weird feeling like you have no idea what’s going on in a friend’s life and vice versa…especially when just a few months ago that wasn’t the case.


Wow! This is my 150th Post. I guess maybe it should’ve been about something of some substance, but no. LOL

I will say this — check out Gordon Gartrell Radio. Yes, that would be Gordon Gartrell of the classic episode of The Cosby Show where Denise makes Theo a “replica” of the hottest designer shirt. The site features links to podcasts from DJ Brainchild and Phonte from Little Brother’s. There’s good music as well as Phonte’s comments on everything from YouTube videos to the R. Kelly trial to Father’s Day. It’s pure entertainment and Phonte is a FOOL! LMAO

Anyhoo, I hope you all had a good weekend!

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