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Posted on: June 18, 2008

So I’m sitting here watching the Tyra Banks Show and there are three women who confront the women in their lives who they are jealous of. The first woman, Lisa, is jealous of a woman who competes in pagents with her, Brittney. She feels that Brittney has the perfect body and face. Second, Danielle is jealous of her sister Cheri and the life she has — mainly because Cheri was happily married and had 2 wonderful children. Finally, Alex’s twin sister, Ashley, feels like she’s the “ugly” twin and that Alex is always pushing her to the side because she’s not pretty enough. As the women were discussing their issues, Tyra revealed that she, too, was jealous of her best friend’s looks. So much of what the ladies were saying stuck a chord with me.

I’ve been jealous of so many people in my lifetime and, I’ll admit, that there are a couple of people who I’m jealous of now. I’ve been jealous of people because I was bigger than people and felt like I stood out, in a bad way. I’ve been jealous because I couldn’t go into any store and buy clothes and shoes like others could. I’ve been jealous of people’s goals because I didn’t have the same goals they did. I’ve been jealous of people’s family lives. I’ve been jealous because of the attention from guys. I’ve been jealous of people’s life experiences. Like Tyra, I doubt that any of the people I’ve been jealous of had any idea that I was feeling this way.

Why have I been so jealous? Whether, we want to admit it or not, I think we all are jealous of someone or something at some point. The key is to not let that jealousy affect our total being. I have never focused on my jealousy. I try keep myself to busy to let the jealous thoughts creep into my head. To shake the thoughts, I usually have an epiphany that “brings me back to reality.” I realize that things really aren’t so bad for me or that the lives that I was jealous of weren’t as “perfect” as they appeared.

Watching the show made me realize that being jealous of others does nothing but hurt me. I’m the one wasting energy thinking about other people’s business. It’s time that I refocus my energies on myself.


4 Responses to "Jealousy"

As I was reading your post I was like I’m going tell her to stop. Jeaslousy is bad for your health. By the time I got to the end you had already beat me to it.
I think everyone gets jealous of someone a different times in life. However, it’s when you hold on and harbor it that it becomes a problem. You have two choices you can let it eat you up and hold you back by dwelling on that person.
Or you can use what you felt to motivate you to do what you need to do to make your life better for you. And move past those feelings.
Hope I make sense.

The last paragraph says it all.

I agree you pretty much beat us to it with advice in your last paragraph lol. I can say that I still compare myself to people which can lead to jealousy. Once I got over the fact I can only be me and no one else the majority of that subsided. Im gald you are working through your jealosy issues and Tyra always have shows that makes me think! Thanks for sharing:-)

Jealousy is the green eyed monster! Everyone is jealous or envious of others’ positions and windfalls in life. What can you do about it? Just try to keep on keepin on and get ahead!

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