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…but I guess not!

Why are 29-year old adults pulling stunts that 15-year old children would pull?

I expect the dumb shit from kids in high school who don’t know any better, but you just turned 29 and you’re taking it to THAT level!?!?! You’re super wack for that! And all on MYPSACE? “B!%$#, you MySpace mad! For real?” LMAO

Don’t mind this rant, I just needed to get some thoughts out of my head…


You know, I’ve had some pretty great weekends recently and this past weekend kept the “good times” going!

Friday night I headed to Chastain Park Ampitheatre to meet some fabulous ladies at the Boyz II Men and Morris Day & The Time concert.

*Photo courtesy of Babs*

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Nelly is the new spokesmodel for Sean John Underwear…

*Picture taken from Street Anthem*

Right, so Sunday a friend of mine had a situation pop up with a female he had been dating of and on for the past 5 years…they were talking about marriage, starting a family and my friend moving to make things official. On Saturday, my friend’s cousin mentioned that she was looking for models for a project she was working on at work. Said female is a model so being the good man that my friend is, he told his cousin to look her up online through the modeling agency she works with…more specifically he told her to just Google the company name and the female should pop right up.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m misunderstood. It’s not something that I’m proud of…in fact, it really gets on my nerves.

I don’t know why people make so many ASSumptions about me and my life. And by people, I’m also referring to friends and family. I truly believe that there are only 3 people who REALLY know me in this world, and even they joke or tease about ASSumptions that have been made about me.

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…And I’m back! I know I all but fell of the face of the Earth for the last few weeks, but I’m happy to inform you that this past weekend helped bring the Lboogie you know and love back! (Sure this is a couple of days late, but I had to recuperate!)

On Thursday afternoon, my friend from high school Tiff Tiff came down to the A to visit me. (Tiff Tiff got bonus points for visiting me twice in a little over 6 months! One of the only people who has!) I’d been looking forward to her visit since she told me she was coming 2 months ago. This trip was much needed for both of us – she needed a vacation and I needed some cheering up. Read the rest of this entry »

I hope she has a wonderful day!

My mom at her 60th birthday party last year.

My mom, my godfather, and me at her 60th birthday party.

Me and my mom at our family reunion in 2006.

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