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Miss. Understood

Posted on: July 24, 2008

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m misunderstood. It’s not something that I’m proud of…in fact, it really gets on my nerves.

I don’t know why people make so many ASSumptions about me and my life. And by people, I’m also referring to friends and family. I truly believe that there are only 3 people who REALLY know me in this world, and even they joke or tease about ASSumptions that have been made about me.

Please believe this is nothing new…this has been going on for some time now.

I remember back in ’97, after my grandfather died, my church was giving a scholarship to graduating seniors. I didn’t apply for it because I knew there were people who could use the money more than I could, so why apply to take away from someone else’s chances. Well, people ASSumed that my grandfather left me a small fortune when he died (which he did not), which is why I didn’t apply.

When I first got to college, people thought I was a stuck up snob, that is until I was spoken to. Then every one said I was the coolest person they knew.

During my matriculation in college, my “friends” thought that I didn’t have ANY problems because I didn’t have the same problems that they had or because I didn’t complain about things that were bothering me 24/7.  They thought that I had all of this money and that I came from a rich family.  Not at all.  It was just me and my mom, everything that I’ve ever had my mom worked hard to get for me.  And what she couldn’t give me, my two wonderful god fathers have…

Even now, people ASSume that I have expensive taste, like ordering from the $1 menu is beneath me.  Don’t you know that Target is my favoritest store on Earth???  I wouldn’t exactly call that Neiman Marcus…Sure, I drive a nice car that I got for myself…I have nice toys (my electronics) but that doesn’t mean that is all I like.

I’ve had several people say that they thought about getting me a gift for my birthday or Christmas but they didn’t for fear that I was going to turn my nose up in disgust because it didn’t cost enough.  Are you fuckin’ kidding me????  That makes me sound like a jerk…is that how you see me?  Like on some real shit, don’t even tell me that you THOUGHT about getting me something…because you didn’t think.  I hate when people plan on doing something but then don’t follow through and then come back like “I was gonna do…but I didn’t…sorry.”  GTFOHWTBS!

I do A LOT of nice things for a lot of people and not once to I EXPECT anything in return.  Matter of fact, I rarely get more than a card from most people (not that it’s a bad thing because I keep every card I’ve ever gotten) so when I do get a present I’m deeply appreciative that someone saw something and thought of me.  One of the best presents I’ve EVER gotten was my birthday 2 years ago — my bestest B. Lanier got me some fun socks and some juice boxes.  I just about broke down in tears because it was the cutest thing ever!  He knew that I’d appreciate the little things, no matter how corny someone else may have thought it was.

I’m so much more complex than what I appear to be…I just wish people would stop ASSuming that they know what I’m going to do or say or how I’m going to react to something…


4 Responses to "Miss. Understood"

I feel you! people assume things about me as well. I’m glad you are addressing this. I always that assuming made a…well u know how the saying goes. Poeple need to grow up and open their mouths and talk to you before the go off judging you. Thanks for sharing:-)

People always make judgements and a lot of people do not think about any one other then themselves. We live in a society that is self centered. I don’t think it’s personal. If people want to make the wrong assumptions about you, then they more than likely need a paradigm shift in perspectives.

And when does target not equal Neiman Marcus? LOL

Most people assume i’m some violent dude that goes around mean mugging and robbing little old ladies. That’s far from the truth. But hey, I guess people are still attempting to judge a book by it’s cover. smh

And what you mean Tar-Jay isn’t upscale? It’s right up there with Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. Real talk.


I don’t know what that means.

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