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Good Times

Posted on: July 29, 2008

You know, I’ve had some pretty great weekends recently and this past weekend kept the “good times” going!

Friday night I headed to Chastain Park Ampitheatre to meet some fabulous ladies at the Boyz II Men and Morris Day & The Time concert.

*Photo courtesy of Babs*

The ladies in attendance were CaliSlim, B-Double, the Girl, myself, K.I.M. and Babs (who coordinated the event.) I must say it was a great evening! Babs got an end table, which meant we had a little more room to spread out and could utilize the aisle to dance around. We had plenty of good eats — fried chicken, potato and pasta salad, guacamole and chips, lemon bars, cupcakes, and Babs’ famous slurricanes. The ladies and I had a blast. Morris Day still has it after all this time and, as the ladies all agreed, “he could get it!” LOL Morris did all the hits and kept the crowd on his feet. Boyz II Men was good too. And I didn’t even really notice that Mike was no longer with the group. The only problem I had with their set was the “Motown Revue.” I know that their last CD was of Motown songs but Boyz II Men has enough of their OWN hits that could’ve filled up some of the Motown part. I think the rest of the crowd felt the same way that I did, because people started sitting down after a while. I had a great time and met a new bunch of fabulous ladies!

After the concert, I had to make an appearance at a small birthday gathering downtown. It was for my friend Cris’ “sister” who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. It was a random mix of females, and Cris’ boyfriend who was the only guy for the majority of the party. I had a good time because me and Cris were able to chat and clown on the birthday girl’s drunkenness. I decided it was time to leave around 3am when Cris and her boyfriend’s friend got into a heated discussion about religion and faith.

Saturday was spent celebrating the 4th birthday of one of my favorite kids: Lil David. Originally we were going to spend the afternoon at American Adventures in Marietta, but it started to rain and most of the kids weren’t tall enough for the rides so they would be confined to the Foam Factory which started getting a little dangerous with all of the older kids coming inside to escape the rain. So we decided to take the party to Chuck E. Cheese. Personally it was the best decision we could’ve made, and probably should’ve just gone there as the original plan. I must say the quality of the food at Chuck E’s has gone up since I was a kid. I think the adults ended up having more food (and fun) than the kids. David’s mom and I’s plan was to win as many tickets that we could so that David would be able to get a fun toy. Our plan worked and he was able to get a Hot Wheel instead of a bunch of the random little trinkets. Chuck E. Cheese even has cute little birthday cakes for sale so I got him one since we didn’t have one.

Needless to say after spending the day with a bunch of kids, I was exhausted. But I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon because I had been invited to a fight party in Grant Park. I just so happened to get to the house at the same time that my friend Tishana and another chick from college, Robin. (It was funny because I parked in front of Robin, but she didn’t know it was me and when I got out of the car she had that shocked look on her face like ‘damn, I didn’t know she and Tishana were still cool.’ I think I was the LAST person she expected to see…lol) It was really great to catch up with the both of them. I hadn’t really seen either of them in the last 2 or 3 years, but it was just like old times. So much so, that Tishana and I missed the fight! Honestly we couldn’t help it, we were focused on the food which takes precedence over everything else, in my opinion! LOL They had roast pork, macaroni & cheese, rice, tender chicken, and this other dish I think it was something like pastel de carne (but don’t quote me on it though.) It was basically shepard’s pie with mashed plantains instead of mashed potatoes. It was de-lish! I had a blast, thanks for inviting me Tish!

I got home around 2:30am, so I had no plans to wake up early. But one of my close friends had a different plan! He called me early as hell (well I guess it wasn’t SO early, but it sure felt like it was the buttcrack of dawn!) I had promised to treat him to a movie so he decided it was time for me to “pay what I owe” so we spent the day hanging out at the movies and discussing life. I always love those days where the time flies by and you look up and it’s 10pm…

Hopefully my great weekends will continue…


2 Responses to "Good Times"

Did they play Motown Philly??? That’s one of my favorite songs of all time.

Isn’t Chastain beautiful!

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