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7 years

Posted on: August 25, 2008

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since Aaliyah died. The time has flown by. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out…

Every time I hear an Aaliyah track, I can’t help but think about which artists wouldn’t even be hot if she were still alive…


18 Responses to "7 years"

wow… it doesn’t seem like that long at all.

wow..cassie and ciara come to mind when you say that. RIP Baby girl!

I LOVE her outfit. Whoever used to dress her knew exactly what would compliment her petite frame.

It’s crazy isn’t it? I was in Chicago at the Funky Buddha when I found out she died. I remember it clearly.

I also remember where I was when Tupac died, but not Biggie. Hmmm. I always preferred West Coast Rap to the East.

I really do miss Aaliyah even though i am 11 years old she was my idol and i looked up 2 her i love u and i will never forget u.

I love Aaliyah sees my favorite actrice,singerand shes my roll modle im gonna fallow in her steps in finish her carer so then she can rest in peace nice and comly with no warrires ar nothing like that… in Aaliyah willing name i pleadge to her grave love ya lots AALIYHA

she was a very beautiful women n loved by many!!!

The first time I’ve heard about that girl was in 2002 when I watched the movie “romeo must die”. Afterwards I was just crazy about her song and I was thinking what kinda cute and beautiful girl she is. Then I just forgot her, I forgot her songs and the movie. 7 years on and just 2 hours ago I watched Romeo must die again, second time. And after watching I was thinking where is that girls right now, does she has new songs? I was thinking why I haven’t heard from her too long … And few minutes ago I found out that she died 8 yeas ago … I didn’t know anything about it. An hour and a half ago I hoped I’ll find and download her new song. I’m shocked. I thought she’s alive … I’m harmly frustrated and feel bad …

It Doesn’t feel Like 7Years Since She Was Gone But I Miss Aaliyah. My Fav Songs Were Age Ain’t Nuthin But A Number, Rock The Boat, More Than A woman & Are That SomeBody. Love You And Miss U Always

its so tru many artist have copied her style redone it and posed it as there own (ciara) aaliyah was a geniune true beauty from her looks to her beliefs and her mind she oosed class effortlessly, she was gentle and loving and my favorite artist i love you aaliyah u deffinatley were gods angel

Just another passerby that happened to come across Aaliyah’s “Try again” video like 5 minutes ago. This is one artist that left her presence on the planet even in death. You will never be forgotten.
RIP Aaliyah

love u very much we miss so much ……you will be n our hearts

i wished aaliyah was still alive she was my idol. i love her so much. she is the best

So true… today is her 31st birthday. I wish she was still around… she was one of my musical influences.

The 16th was her birthday… it wasn’t midnight when I originally posted this! ^_^

aaliyah youve been gone to long we miss you girl …… well at least your in a better place

we love you hope you have many more birthdays up the with the big guy…. hope to see you up there some day……………

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