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I think I need a nap…

Posted on: September 22, 2008

Salutations and what it do? (c) Paul Wall (Thanks, modi.)

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I know I did, and it was a lot busier that I thought it was going to be.

Let’s see…

Friday night, I went to my homegirl Kimberly’s birthday party at Mood Lounge in Buckhead.  I had never been there before, but it was a really cute spot.  It kinda looks like a house, with a nice little patio out front and a basement.  The party was cool, and the birthday girl had a blast (which is the most important thing!)  However there was entirely too much going on…

  • First, there was the gay chicks in the middle of the dance floor, who thought they were filming a movie.  It was a little much, everyone was staring at them, and not because they were gay, but because they were doing too much.  If it had’ve been a girl and a guy, folks would’ve been staring just as hard.
  • Then there was the big couple droppin’ it like it was hot and walkin’ it out…hilarious!  Again, not because they were big, it was because the looks on their faces said “I’m workin’ this shit out!” LMAO
  • Then there was the bathroom that didn’t lock, so someone had to stand in front of the door to make sure no one went in.  And the German chick who obviously had waited until the very last minute to pee, and was unimpressed that there was a line to use the facilities…”is she still in there?”  “Yes, that’s why we are standing in front of the door, you know it does take time to pee, wipe AND wash your hands…duh!”
  • Then there was the sloppy trailer trash with the mini skirt and too small shirt…who’s stomach was hanging over the top of her skirt AND under the bottom of her shirt. (YUCK!  I think I just threw up in my mouth at a flashback of the visual!)
  • Can’t forget about the 2 chicks with bad weaves who thought they were Beyonce performing ‘Get Me Bodied’ in front of the mirrors.

With all that entertainment, we didn’t even need the DJ to rock the party like he was (who was also working the fog machine – every 30 minutes he’d push the button to activate the fog! CLASSIC!)  Around 2am, my boy Decatur suggested hittin’ up the late night Chinese spot to get some quality MSG in our system.  That Chinese Buddah hit the spot!  Ain’t nuthin’ like some fried rice and egg rolls in the middle of the night!  I got home around 3:30am, hella full and was sleep by 4!

I woke up leisurely because I was meeting the ladies at Atlanta Beads for some afternoon jewelry making.  How much fun was that?  It was Babs, Keyalus, KKAve, Coco and myself (along with Bead Girl).

*Photo courtesy of Babs*

It was great to hang out with the ladies, as usual.  Babs, KKAve and I made necklaces.  Keyalus made a bracelet and Coco made a necklace and a pair of earrings.  (She was being super productive!  LOL)

After leaving Atlanta Beads, I hung out with Cris and little David at the mall.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of giving David a cupcake BEFORE we left the house, so needless to say the 4 year old was on a serious sugar high!  It made for an entertaining evening.  But by the time, I dropped them back off, it was 10pm and I was exhausted!  I was knocked out by 11:30…

Sunday…I knew it would be entertaining because I was going over to the homie T’s house for a crab boil.  I spent the entire day over there with the rest of the crew watching football, stuffing our faces and discussing food, nugget sauce holders and other randomness.  I got home around 9, just in time to watch Bridezillas and get my life together for today. (Or at least try to…)


3 Responses to "I think I need a nap…"

I was ok with the productivity but Bead Girl did all the hard work! It was great hanging out on Saturday.

your boy russell should be named hustle, as he hustled u into believing he copyrighted that phrase.

paul wall. he made that shit up. lol. cool blog tho. yzr.

@Coco It may have been Bead Girl doing all the hard work, but you were the extra creative one that day!

@Modi I didn’t know where he got that phrase from, but I didn’t think it was something he came up with. He just puts it in his emails all the time…

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