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Fashion Don’ts

Posted on: October 7, 2008

So after this wonderful weekend with my CAU peeps, I feel the need to make these observations:

  1. The layering look only works when it’s not 80 degrees outside.  You look plain stupid with all that shit on and sweating!
  2. Scarfs are not a fashion statement when it’s hot as shit.  You just look like you’re trying to strangle yourself!  I’m all for rocking them in the cooler months, I do.
  3. Spandex is not the big girl’s friend.  Especially when you have on leggings and a spandex/lycra top that’s looking like it’s cutting off your circulation!
  4. Why the hell were you thinking putting on that hoodie and the high was 82 degrees?  I’m feeling a touch of heat exhaustion just looking at you.  You have no idea how many people (guys mostly) were rocking hoodies this weekend like it was cold!
  5. Damn you Lil Wayne!  You’ve got these young boys wearing these tight ass jeans and can’t walk in them!  Brothas, let’s listen to big brother Jay when he said “can’t wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don’t fit” — it’s not a good look!
  6. Wearing stilettos to tailgating at a football game makes you look overdressed and dumb…and that’s not just my opinion!  I had many of my male friends asking what they were thinking!
  7. Ladies, please stop the madness of wearing shirts as dresses.  I think that’s pretty self-explanatory!

That’s all I can think of right now…though this list may get longer.  Oh and feel free to add the fashion trends that you think need to stop!


3 Responses to "Fashion Don’ts"

Chuuuuuh@#5 Tell me Lil Wayne was not looking like Ron from A Different World at his performance at the VMAs?
I hate the chicks at work that dress like they’re going to the club. You can be fashionable but professional. 5 inch strap around the ankle stilettos is not the way.

I really dont understand why men cant just wear jeans they fit… they go from jeans that are 5 sizes too big to jeans that are 5 sizes too small… this colored skinny jeans mess has to stop… why the extremes… I sag or I have the tight booty walk… ugh!

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