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Coonery in DC

Posted on: October 21, 2008

So this past weekend I was in DC for my periodic visit home and also for Howard University’s homecoming.  My friend and I decided that on Saturday we would head to campus for the festivities surrounding the football game.  We were just going up there to see who we would run into, for some good food and quality people watching.  However, the quality of people watching wasn’t so great.  So we decided to do some documenting of the fashion foolishness:

This poor girl was walking like her feet hurt and she couldn’t breathe.  Her jacket was too small, her pants were too tight and that poor belt looked like it was hanging on for dear life.  And to top that all off, she had the nerve to be pigeon-toed!

This is the “House of Dereon’s” friend.  She knew she was working it!  You couldn’t tell her nothin’ in her red patent pleather shoes, her satin skirt, leopard print shirt and them Jackie Ho glasses!  But was you can’t really see is the chile’s hair.  It was black on top, but she had red, purple and pink tracks in the back that were peeking out under the black hair.  If she was truly working the outfit AND actually had a fly hairstyle, it might’ve been ok.  Sheeeit!  Who am I kidding, she still would’ve been a mess!  NEXT!

I now present Adebesi, the African T-Pain. (Don’t mind my friend Tiffany, we had to perform a covert operation to get this photo! LMAO)  He was killin’ it with his turquoise and gold Nikes, his turquoise dress shirt, tiny tee, white stunna shades, and kufi.  Man, I can’t forget the scarf draped over his shoulder!  All he’s missing is a vocoder…LMAO

This woman was royally trippin’! No part of the weather on Friday or Saturday said that wearing Bermuda shorts was a good idea!  But then this heffa had on a heavy sweater and some damn leg warmers, like that was going to offset how crazy she looked.  Ya’ll it was cold in my long sleeves and jeans, so I know her ass was cold!

Please believe there were others out there looking a foolish mess, especially the females walking around in shirts as dresses, we just couldn’t get photos of them.  Even some of the fine gentlemen that we met on Saturday said they looked dumb for not having any clothes on in the cold…

We gots to do better as a people!

Bonus photo:

Yes, you see right.  That mofo is mowing the lawn, in the middle of the festivities on the yard!  He was pushing folks out of the way with the lawnmower.  (Look at the face of ol’ girl in the tan jacket — “is this nucca serious right now?” LMAO)  I’m still trying to figure out how he thought that was a good idea…


2 Responses to "Coonery in DC"

HU homecoming definitely brings out soem questionable fashion misfits…….

#1- I’m mad you used the word “coonery” in the title of this post. That might just devoid you of the title “Countess”.

#B- Clearly the fashion victims clearly don’t have any real friends.

Lastly- I’m sure the groundskeeper was supposed to be there at 6AM, but in true CP Time fashion he showed up 1PM!

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