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The Current Soundtrack

Posted on: November 18, 2008

It’s been a hot minute since I updated you wonderful people on what music I’m ridin’ to in my car:

  • Busta Rhymes – “Arab Money”
  • Muffy – “Gone Hate”
  • I-20 – “Really Like Her” featuring Ludacris & Rocko
  • Gucci Mane – “Shopaholic” featuring Bobby Valentino & Nikki Minaj
  • Kidz in the Hall – “Love Hangover” featuring Estelle
  • Ludacris – “Undisputed” featuring Floyd Mayweather
  • Asher Roth – “The Reading”
  • Justin Nozuka – “After Tonight”
  • Slim – “Good Lovin'” featuring Ryan Leslie
  • Electrik Red – “Drank In My Cup”
  • D’Angelo – “I Found My Smile Again”
  • John Legend – “It’s Over” featuring Kanye West
  • Keri Hilson – “Slow Dance”
  • J. Holiday – “The Way It Was”
  • Chester French – “She Loves Everybody”

What are you listening to?  Any artists or songs that you think I should check out?


5 Responses to "The Current Soundtrack"

Will I sound old if I tell you I haven’t heard of a single song on your list?!?

I LOVE Justin Nozuka! One of my former coworkers introduced me to him.

Right now, I’m listening to Esthero radio on Pandora while I “study”. I love Breathe from Another and Widked Lil’ Girls.

I’m also listening to a lot of Foreign Exchange, Little Brother’s Separate but Equal album, John Mayer’s Continuum album, Portishead, Danity Kane’s Showstopper, Kings of Leon (especially Sex on Fire…woohoo!), LL’s I’m Bad, Jeezy’s I’m Amazing (the perfect workout song), Musiq’s Aijuswanasing album, Goodie MoB’s Goodie Bag, that Nine Inch Naliens album (esp. Black Ice) and The Killer’s Sam’s Town.
I never get tired of LB and The Killers.

I just went through my Top 25 on the iPhone. it’s super random.

Yo L! I couldn’t find your contact info, hit me up on my e-mail when you get a chance.

@Babs – no you won’t sound old. A lot of my friends have never heard of the majority of those songs, until they get in my car…so don’t fret, you’re not alone!

@Coop – Esthero is the shit! I heard that Goodie Mob is supposed to be droppin’ a new album in the second quarter of ’09! I never get tired of LB either! Speaking of Foreign Exchange, I think I’m gonna try to go see them when they come to Sugarhill in a couple of weeks…I love me some Phonte!

I only know one or two songs on here. I’ll definitely have to keep checking back in over to here to make sure I get good music!

Nice site!

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