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Posted on: January 27, 2009

I go out on the weekends. Sometimes it’s every Friday & Saturday and a lot of times I don’t get back into the house until after 4am.

I’m okay with that. However, I feel like there are certain people in my life who judge me for going out and having a good time. And this really irks me from time to time.

It’s not like I’m wildin’ out or anything. Hell, I don’t even drink. So who cares if I go out with my friends to a party or bowling or whatever and get home in the wee hours of the morning? I’m not hurting anyone or breaking any laws, so what’s the big deal?

Before I was born, my mother used to go out on the town…she would even fly to L.A. for the weekend just to hit up a party. So being social is in my genes…

I don’t have any kids, no man, so there’re no responsibilities that I’m neglecting to be in the streets.

Half the time I go out, it’s because I’m bored and just don’t want to be in the house alone watching some crap on TV…and it just so happens that my closest friends are bored too, so why not spend time with the people that you care about and have a blast at the same time?

Sometimes I think the people who criticize me the most are people who are jealous of the way that I live my life because they now have to live with some of the decisions that they made in their lives…


4 Responses to "RANT"

It always seems like people that hate on the fact that you have the freedom to what you want when you want have the most to say about how u live your life. If your having fun dont let anyone else try to take that from you! U only live once:-)

I don’t see anything wrong with being out and about, particuraly if you have nothing to keep you in the house. Not every one likes to be couped up in the house in front of the tv.

Schucks I wish I could go out and be about.

Don’t even worry about those people – jealousy is all it is.

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