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So this past weekend I was in DC for my periodic visit home and also for Howard University’s homecoming.  My friend and I decided that on Saturday we would head to campus for the festivities surrounding the football game.  We were just going up there to see who we would run into, for some good food and quality people watching.  However, the quality of people watching wasn’t so great.  So we decided to do some documenting of the fashion foolishness:

This poor girl was walking like her feet hurt and she couldn’t breathe.  Her jacket was too small, her pants were too tight and that poor belt looked like it was hanging on for dear life.  And to top that all off, she had the nerve to be pigeon-toed!

This is the “House of Dereon’s” friend.  She knew she was working it!  You couldn’t tell her nothin’ in her red patent pleather shoes, her satin skirt, leopard print shirt and them Jackie Ho glasses!  But was you can’t really see is the chile’s hair.  It was black on top, but she had red, purple and pink tracks in the back that were peeking out under the black hair.  If she was truly working the outfit AND actually had a fly hairstyle, it might’ve been ok.  Sheeeit!  Who am I kidding, she still would’ve been a mess!  NEXT!

I now present Adebesi, the African T-Pain. (Don’t mind my friend Tiffany, we had to perform a covert operation to get this photo! LMAO)  He was killin’ it with his turquoise and gold Nikes, his turquoise dress shirt, tiny tee, white stunna shades, and kufi.  Man, I can’t forget the scarf draped over his shoulder!  All he’s missing is a vocoder…LMAO

This woman was royally trippin’! No part of the weather on Friday or Saturday said that wearing Bermuda shorts was a good idea!  But then this heffa had on a heavy sweater and some damn leg warmers, like that was going to offset how crazy she looked.  Ya’ll it was cold in my long sleeves and jeans, so I know her ass was cold!

Please believe there were others out there looking a foolish mess, especially the females walking around in shirts as dresses, we just couldn’t get photos of them.  Even some of the fine gentlemen that we met on Saturday said they looked dumb for not having any clothes on in the cold…

We gots to do better as a people!

Bonus photo:

Yes, you see right.  That mofo is mowing the lawn, in the middle of the festivities on the yard!  He was pushing folks out of the way with the lawnmower.  (Look at the face of ol’ girl in the tan jacket — “is this nucca serious right now?” LMAO)  I’m still trying to figure out how he thought that was a good idea…


So after this wonderful weekend with my CAU peeps, I feel the need to make these observations:

  1. The layering look only works when it’s not 80 degrees outside.  You look plain stupid with all that shit on and sweating!
  2. Scarfs are not a fashion statement when it’s hot as shit.  You just look like you’re trying to strangle yourself!  I’m all for rocking them in the cooler months, I do.
  3. Spandex is not the big girl’s friend.  Especially when you have on leggings and a spandex/lycra top that’s looking like it’s cutting off your circulation!
  4. Why the hell were you thinking putting on that hoodie and the high was 82 degrees?  I’m feeling a touch of heat exhaustion just looking at you.  You have no idea how many people (guys mostly) were rocking hoodies this weekend like it was cold!
  5. Damn you Lil Wayne!  You’ve got these young boys wearing these tight ass jeans and can’t walk in them!  Brothas, let’s listen to big brother Jay when he said “can’t wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don’t fit” — it’s not a good look!
  6. Wearing stilettos to tailgating at a football game makes you look overdressed and dumb…and that’s not just my opinion!  I had many of my male friends asking what they were thinking!
  7. Ladies, please stop the madness of wearing shirts as dresses.  I think that’s pretty self-explanatory!

That’s all I can think of right now…though this list may get longer.  Oh and feel free to add the fashion trends that you think need to stop!

So I know The Bronner Brothers’ Hair Show was in Atlanta this weekend, so I expect to see some off-the-wall hair styles…but I was NOT prepared for this:

What in the hot holy hell??? (Try saying that three times real fast! LMAO)This man looks like a cotton candy machine just exploded on his face!

…but I guess not!

Why are 29-year old adults pulling stunts that 15-year old children would pull?

I expect the dumb shit from kids in high school who don’t know any better, but you just turned 29 and you’re taking it to THAT level!?!?! You’re super wack for that! And all on MYPSACE? “B!%$#, you MySpace mad! For real?” LMAO

Don’t mind this rant, I just needed to get some thoughts out of my head…

Right, so Sunday a friend of mine had a situation pop up with a female he had been dating of and on for the past 5 years…they were talking about marriage, starting a family and my friend moving to make things official. On Saturday, my friend’s cousin mentioned that she was looking for models for a project she was working on at work. Said female is a model so being the good man that my friend is, he told his cousin to look her up online through the modeling agency she works with…more specifically he told her to just Google the company name and the female should pop right up.

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I came across this picture this morning when I was checking my email and going through pictures of Old School Saturdays, which is a monthly event that caters to the 25 and older crowd who enjoys listening to old school music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  With the exception of a couple of pimps, everyone was dressed nicely looking like they were ready to have a good time — all the while keeping it grown and sexy…that is, until I came across Ain’t Peechiz (read: Aunt Peaches):

This woman is CLEARLY over the age of 35 but is dressed like a fresh 21 year old.  Is there a time when the “Rainbow” outfits need to be given up?

+”black people” +”spit” +”sidewalk”-“face”???? Really?

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