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Wassup, my peoples?  I know I’ve been gone for a minute. But between my birthday celebration a week ago and CAU homecoming this weekend, things have been a little hectic.

Fear not, Lboogie is biz-ack! LOL

This weekend was my alma mater’s homecoming and it’s one of the main reasons that I love the fall!  I LIVE for homecoming weekend.  I love seeing all of my friends together in one place.  I love the parties.  I love seeing how people have grown up.  I love seeing my friends’ kids, though it trips me out sometimes.  I love seeing people I know and not realizing they went to CAU.  I love tailgating at the football game.  It all makes for a great weekend.  I love getting emails about “official” homecoming parties from promoters who didn’t go to CAU…trust you aren’t foolin’ us, the real Panthers know where the OFFICIAL events are!

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Ok, well maybe not ever, but I had a great weekend!

I think this birthday weekend was definitely in my top 5 birthdays!

It started Thursday, when my coworker and boss took me to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Nothing makes me happier than an order of Miso Salmon and some delicious dessert!

Friday morning started off with me having to take my car to the dealership because a couple of weeks ago my CD changer died. (I was so unimpressed!)  So needless to say, I was excited to get my new changer installed just in time for the birthday celebration!  When I got to work, my coworkers surprised me with a Publix cake, cards, balloons and a cookbook!  How nice was that?

After I left work Friday afternoon, the real party started.

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Salutations and what it do? (c) Paul Wall (Thanks, modi.)

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I know I did, and it was a lot busier that I thought it was going to be.

Let’s see…
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You know, I’ve had some pretty great weekends recently and this past weekend kept the “good times” going!

Friday night I headed to Chastain Park Ampitheatre to meet some fabulous ladies at the Boyz II Men and Morris Day & The Time concert.

*Photo courtesy of Babs*

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…And I’m back! I know I all but fell of the face of the Earth for the last few weeks, but I’m happy to inform you that this past weekend helped bring the Lboogie you know and love back! (Sure this is a couple of days late, but I had to recuperate!)

On Thursday afternoon, my friend from high school Tiff Tiff came down to the A to visit me. (Tiff Tiff got bonus points for visiting me twice in a little over 6 months! One of the only people who has!) I’d been looking forward to her visit since she told me she was coming 2 months ago. This trip was much needed for both of us – she needed a vacation and I needed some cheering up. Read the rest of this entry »

Last night, I hung out with Brran and Coop at Sugarhill for Tuesday Night Jam. TNJ is a weekly event, but this week was a special edition celebrating the release of Anthony David’s cd Acey Ducey and Hidden Beach Recordings’ Unwrapped Vol. 5: The Collipark Café Sessions. The evening started off (slowly) with a live broadcast on Classic Soul 102.5 (It started off so slow, that my homegirl Jay left early.) Anthony David performed a couple of tracks with his acoustic guitar for the radio audience, so at least Jay got some entertainment before she left.

Soon after the broadcast ended, the party got started. They had the BET Awards playing on the big screen but they had the sound off because DJ Salah Anase was spinnin’ the exclusive tracks to keep everyone hype. Around 11pm, the host Joi headed to the stage and did her version of The Eurhythmic’s “Sweet Dreams” — and killed it! That chick is so talented but so under-rated. She got the crowd warmed up, but the next performance set the roof on fiyah! (That sounded a little corny, but oh well…)

Mike Phillips and the Hidden Beach All Stars hit the stage to perform a few tracks of the new album. the did Plies and T-Pain’s “Shawty” (Mike Phillips even had the instrument to recreate the talk box effect!), Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction,” DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out,” and Hurricane Chris’ “Ay Bay Bay.” It was so cool to hear hip-hop tracks broken down in such a funky way. I have the first 3 volumes of Unwrapped, and will definitely have to pick up Volume 5.

After the Hidden Beach All-Stars did their thing, Anthony David came out to perform a few songs, this time with the house band. Killed it! I’m definitely going to have to get his album this weekend. Joi came back to the stage and did a couple more tracks, including Coop’s jam “Lick.” LMAO

The band took a break and Salah Anase switched to some old school jams that got the crowd movin’. That was pure entertainment because we started dancing at our table and “battling” these ladies at the table next to us…all while some drunk lady (who pulled up a chair at our table) offered us drinks, tried talking with us and kept leaving her coat in our care while she made her way through the crowd. During the break, I looked at the bar, and saw a woman in some skinny jeans, a fab bag and some boots working it…little did I know, that woman was a man! I told Coop to turn around to see what I was seeing, at first glance, she too thought it was a woman and turned back around. I said “look again” and she realized it was a man sashayin’ around the club in heels, skinny jeans and a purse. I think Brran was a little traumatized, but we made it our mission to get a picture of “her.” Only in Atlanta, will you see this:

I had a blast with the two of them, that is, until D’Maestro hit the stage. He was like a super-sized Cee-Lo Green. We were scared and when he “hit” that last high note, we decided it was time to leave. I can’t wait ’til the next time we hang!

Thanks to Babs, I can now call myself a gamer. Babs was asked to host a Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming. You see, Nintendo is marketing the Nintendo DS Lite to women. (Check out the commercials with America Ferrara, Carrie Underwood and Liv Tyler!)

I just got home from the party. And I must say I HAD A BLAST! The party was held in Castleberry Hill in this cute little lofty building. There was free food and beverages, a group of fabulous ladies and the Nintendo DS Lite. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and it was something totally different and out of the norm for me. When I walked in, I was giving this cute bracelet, which was filled with charms from each activity area as the night went on — a checkered heart, yellow puzzle piece, a pink shoe, and a guitar pick. There were four different areas, each with a different game for us to test out. I started with Mario Kart DS. How much fun was that? Of course, it could’ve been extra fun because I kept winning! 🙂 Who knew I’d be so good at video games? I guess all those nights at Decatur’s house with his PS3, XBox360, Wii, and PSP have rubbed off on me! LOL

After kickin’ some ass on the race track, I headed over to the Brain Age area. To start off, I took a “test” to see what my brain age was. Apparently my brain age is 58. I was told that that was good and with some practice, I can bring that age down. (The goal brain age is 20.) It wasn’t a bad game, but I think that game will have to grow on me. You see, I’m dyslexic and there was a section of the “test” that involved memorizing a set of 25 numbers and then rewriting them in the same order. I think I may have gotten 4 numbers correct, needless to say, I have to work on that section.

After my dyslexia kicked in with the numbers, I decided it was time for me to switch to words. I headed to the Crosswords DS area. Man, this was my kind of game. There were 3 options within the game — crosswords, wordsearch and anagrams. I didn’t do any of the crosswords. I completed a few wordsearches and then decided to try my hand at the anagrams. I swear I could’ve sat there toying with the anagrams for hours. I love anagrams, and have played the anagram game on Decatur’s PSP plenty of times.

The final station was Guitar Hero: On Tour, which doesn’t come out until June 22nd, so we got a sneak peek. This was a fun game, well, once I figured out what the hell I was doing. At first, I was just making noise, but I was still jammin’ to the songs that you had to choose from. My two favorites were “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet and “All The Small Things” by blink-182.

It was great to meet some new ladies, especially Coop (I felt like I’ve known you forever though lol!) and reconnect with some ladies I haven’t see in a while. The funniest part of the whole evening was the fact that just about everyone had a nickname — it was either their blogosphere name or a nickname Babs gave to them personally (like me) — I think it threw off the ladies who were working the event for Nintendo.

OMG, I almost forgot the BEST part! We each got to take home our own DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age 2! You can’t beat a party with free food and drinks, fabulous company, AND free gifts! That equals a HAPPY ME! 🙂 Good times!

Thanks again Babs for the invite!

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