the soundtrack of my life…

The Soundtrack

The Early Years – What can I say, I’ve been a serious music lover since day 1!

  • Give It To Me Baby – Rick James
  • Groove Me – Guy
  • Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
  • Your Sweetness – The Good Girls
  • Don’t Be Cruel – Bobby Brown

The Holy Trinity Days – It was the early ’90s…

  • Feenin’ – Jodeci
  • Jump – Kris Kross
  • Escapade – Janet Jackson
  • Dre Day – Dr. Dre
  • Gin & Juice – Snoop Doggy Dog

Visi Days – My 9th through 12th grade years were spent at a college preparatory school in the heart of DC. These songs remind me of all the Snowballs and Mixers that regularly made up my weekend social life.

  • Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex
  • Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
  • Crush on You – Lil Kim
  • Tap – Backyard Band
  • Thug Passion – Backyard Band

My AUC Matriculation – During this period of my life, I bonded with my brothas and sistas in the struggle at an HBCU in the South. My music taste reflected my new environment as well as new regional influences I had.

  • Spottieottiedopaliscious – Outkast
  • Hard Knock Life – Jay Z
  • 100% – Big Pun
  • Big Ballin’ – Big Tymers
  • You Will Never Find – In Essence

Good Times – If I can hear all of these songs in one night…it was a GREAT party!

  • Before I Let You Go – Maze featuring Frankie Beverley
  • Never Too Much – Luther Vandross
  • Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
  • Follow Me – Aly-us
  • Time For The Perculator – Cajmere
  • P.Y.T. – Michael Jackson
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

My Inner Circle – I have a song that I associate with all of my favorite people in the world. It’s a song that reminds me of that person whenever I hear it or it takes me back to a particular memory of that person.

  • B. Lanier – I Want To Be Free – The Ohio Players
  • Decatur – Digital Display – Ready for the World
  • KRF – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – The Backyard Band
  • Sash – Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest
  • Cris – Lights, Camera, Action – Mr. Cheeks
  • Erika Kane – Give It To Me – Jay Z
  • Lo’Nique – I’m You: You Are Me We Are You (Pt. Me & You) – Maxwell
  • Babs – Stilettos – Crime Mobb

9 Responses to "The Soundtrack"

Oh I love this!!!

Our class agrees that “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson needs to be on your list.

Thanks for the great example for our class.

– AP English

Man in the mirror is a lame song.

My new class is a little dissapointed that “Man in the Mirror” is not yet on this list, but it’s OK. I’ll just check again next year.


– College Prep English


Wow, Paul. What’s the deal, man? Man in the Mirror is legit. Too legit to quit, in fact. I think you need to put it on your iPod, plug in a big pair of headphones, and just chillaxe for a min or so with it pumpin’ through your eardrums. You’ll have a whole new appreciation.

– English 12 A

For the new trimester, my class is suggesting you add “Freebird” by Lynard Skynard. Apparently you need a little more Southern Rock on this playlist. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

– English 12 A (2nd Trimester)

We’re back again. So, here’s what we’ve got to say.
1. Bird is the word.
2. Needs some hardcore.
3. Where’s the country?
4. You down with OPP? (Yeah, you know me).

Thanks again.

– English 12 A (2nd Hour)

My 5th hour class is waving the white flag. They have given up hope that you will ever make changes to this. I can’t say I blame them. Anyways, thanks for the songs.

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